New On App Annie: Cross-Country Rank History and Windows Phone Store

App Annie UpgradesCross-country rank history comparisons and Windows Phone Store arrive on App Annie.

Track What’s Trending and Where

Unlike traditional stores, app stores are borderless. Publishing your app to multiple countries is a breeze, but understanding your app’s rank across multiple countries isn’t. App publishers constantly tell me that they need to understand how their apps are ranking internationally before they proceed with things like localization or marketing campaigns.

So, to help you understand app trends on global level; we’ve added cross-country rank history for Store Stats. This new feature is completely free and lets you zoom in on any app’s ranking in up to 10 countries on the same graph. We also added some toggles that allow you to easily turn off/on different countries and categories – so you only view what’s relevant to you. The days of running split screens and eye-balling rank history are over!

To give you an example of how this works, let’s look at Snapchat in Korea, India and the US. Before, app rank analysis had to be done on three separate graphs. Now you can see how Snapchat (or any app) in trending in up to 10 countries across multiple categories.


Below the main dashboard, you’ll see toggles next to each country and category. These make it easy to quickly turn off and on the data you need.

Cross-Country Toggles

As an example, you might only want to view the Photo and Video category in India and South Korea. In a couple of clicks, the dashboard automatically updates with the data i’ve selected.

Store Stats - Toggled

A New App Store Joins Store Stats

We’ve also got another great addition to the Store Stats family, Windows Phone Store! There were a lot of requests for this and now it’s finally live. In this beta release, you can view the top 500 apps on Windows Phone Store dating back to December 24th 2013. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding months historical data.

With the addition of the Windows Phone Store, we now track a total of six app stores. Just like the rest of the app stores on App Annie, we’ll continue to track the Windows Phone Store from here on out.

Getting Started

To start tracking cross-country rank history, head over to Store Stats and select an app and the countries you’d like to compare. For Windows Phone Store top charts, view them here on Store Stats.

If you’re not an App Annie user, you can sign up for free here.


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