Are you a publisher with more than one iTunes or Google Play Account?

If yes, then this feature update is definitely for you. Today, I’m really happy to say you can now connect as many iTunes and Google Play accounts as your heart desires.

For those of you who manage multiple iTunes connect accounts, you can now connect them all and manage them directly from a single App Annie account.

This means that you can flick between your different publisher accounts with a click of a button and rapidly compare how the different divisions of your app empire are performing.

Or in case you are developer who runs a studio or does freelance work, this will help you to manage all those different publisher accounts you publish under.

To get started, you can link additional accounts by either going to your Dashboard or Account Management and clicking on “Add Account.”

For each additional account you link, there will be a new tab in your dashboard. There, you can navigate to different apps and different publisher accounts in a click.

So take it for a spin and get those accounts linked!

Finally, if in the past you have created a number of App Annie accounts to manage your different publisher accounts, we can help you to merge these – just send us an email.

And as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know in the comments below, or send an email to



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Product Manager – Analytics & Store Stats


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