New Features: Top Charts With Publisher Names, Social Sharing, Apps On Top Charts, Google Play IAP Filtering

A little while ago we rolled out a new Analytics Data Export feature and Top Grossing charts for Google Play Store Stats. This week we’ve released a few more improvements and tweaks that we want to highlight, because many of you have been emailing us about them.

We’ve added:

  • Publisher names to all Top Charts
  • Social sharing buttons for all apps and charts
  • Increased Top Charts depth to 500; and
  • Filtering by in-app purchase for Google Play apps

Top Charts With Publisher Names

If you log in to App Annie Store Stats you’ll immediately notice it looks a bit different. Now in our Top Charts rankings, we’ve included the publisher name along with the name of the app.

We’ve made it easier to spot not only individual apps that keep climbing up the ranks, but also successful publishers who continue to hit top spots on our Top Charts.

One of the first things that you want to know when researching an app is “who made this?” and by placing the publisher front and centre it should make it easier to quickly scan a chart and understand which publishers are leading the fight.

You can also click on the publisher’s name to see a full list of all apps published. Check it out while browsing our app store stats.

store stats publisher name

Publisher names are now included in Store Stats

Social Sharing Buttons For Store Stats

If you’ve ever come across an app with an unbelievable jump in rankings and wanted to show a friend who doesn’t believe you, or wanted to promote your own app on social media directly from App Annie, now you can!

We’ve rolled out social sharing buttons for you on all Store Stats pages. Share the entire Top Charts page on Facebook, or go to an app’s Rank History page and click the Twitter icon to show off the big jump in rankings you got after it was featured in an Apple keynote.

Something neat is that the buttons are customized depending on which services you frequently share to. If you love to share apps via Twitter, the Twitter icon will be first in the row, ready and waiting for your mouse to click on it. Try it out on our app store stats by sharing your favorite app on any social media platform!

store stats share buttons

Share data directly from Store Stats

Bigger, Better Top Charts

There’s nothing that makes us happier than being able to share more data. Today we’re sharing 66% more data in our iPhone and Google Play top charts and 100% more for iPad. What does that actually mean in practical terms? It means Top 500 charts for iPhone and Google Play, and Top 400 for iPad.

Filter By In-App Purchases For Google Play Charts

Filtering by in-app purchases or no in-app purchases is a nifty way to quickly segment free, freemium and premium apps so you can identify which apps are using which monetisation techniques. It’s always interesting to me to see which apps are sticking with premium pricing, and how well this is working, considering the big move in the last year to a freemium model.

Try these new features out and let us know what you think in the comments below or send an email to We’re always happy to get your feedback.

For more product feature updates and app store data, follow us on Twitter @AppAnnie.

If you’d like to get up to speed on apps, start browsing our app store stats and rankings now.

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