App Sharing Launched

Over the weekend we quietly rolled out a much requested feature for App Annie Analytics… App Sharing!

App Sharing is a feature that enables you to share your app’s data with another person, without having to share your App Annie log in or the store credentials like your iTunes developer username & password.

You can now share a single app or many apps, and even mix apps from different platforms.  The recipient’s dashboard will also be automatically updated so everyone has the latest stats.

We’ve had lots of request for this feature, and it really helps if you need to:

Share app data with another person in your organisation
You look after the publisher account, but finance is always asking for reports.

Share a specific app or a sub-set of apps with an specific product team
You have two development teams. Now you can share data so that each team can only see the apps they work on.

Publish apps on behalf of someone else
You’re a 3rd party publisher or an agency publishing for clients. Now you can share the right data with each customer, every day, so they can see just their own stats.

Get your app data if you are not publishing yourself
Just ask your publisher to connect their store account to App Annie Analytics, and then share the relevant apps with you.  You can get your data for your apps every day (including historical) safely & directly from the app store.

Same thing if you negotiated a revenue split or licensing fees you can know in real time the success of your intellectual property.

Getting Started

App Sharing is very straightforward to use:

  1. Just log in to your App Annie account and go to the Sharing tab under Account Management.
  2. Click New Share, select the apps and enter the person’s email you want to share with (you can enter multiple addresses).
  3. Click Share Apps.

We’ll send the recipients an email, inviting them to join App Annie, or if they already have an App Annie account the data will automatically appear in their dashboard.

Go and try it now, and as always, if you have any feedback or comments, just leave a message below.


Nick McIntosh

Product Manager – Analytics & Store Stats


  • Joshua Ostrowalker

    Bravo and thank you very much! This definitely helps manage access to the analytics for multiple people.

    However, I would like to request that you consider a more robust Corporate Account facility so that:
    – we can enable certain users with administrative rights
    – allow everyone to see the dashboards
    – have new apps automatically added for users who do not have limited views


    • App Annie

      We will pass your suggestions onto the product team. Thanks!

  • Jordash

    Thank you for this Awesome Feature! Super useful.

  • SpicyNikNaks

    If someone has an existing account, does the email entered into the share form have to match the email address used in the existing account ?

  • Yasarcan

    What about daily email sending for shared apps ? Do developers get daily emails for their apps ?

  • Adrian Driscoll

    It looks like the share emails are bing caught in some out our customers mail servers – is there a way I can get round this so they can see their sales info?

  • rgm

    great feature. when are you planning to support the sharing of the daily emails as well? looks like daily emails are still just sent to the owner of the account only…

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