How App Annie Helps This App Developer “Take The Pain Away” from App Stats Tracking

app annie daily email stats

App Annie’s daily reports keep developers informed

In addition to App Annie’s online dashboard for mobile analytics, we provide Daily Email Reports with key metrics such as revenue, downloads, rankings, and reviews.

We understand that you don’t always have time to log onto a website to monitor your apps, so we deliver a daily email report to your inbox every day. You get to stay on top of your app performance no matter where you are and instantly take action when you see a surge or drop in downloads and revenue.

How Scan Used Daily Email Reports

Scan brings social media, lead generation, and mobile commerce to life through the use of QR code, NFC, and other technologies. Founded by Kirk Ouimet with friends Garrett Gee and Ben Turley, Scan is a way for people to connect the real world with the digital universe in fun and innovative ways.

Kirk loves his App Annie daily emails and uses them to stay updated constantly on Scan’s performance in the mobile app market.

scan app detail

App detail page for Scan from App Annie Store Stats

With the increasing success of Scan, it increasingly became important for Kirk to keep track of daily download numbers. However, his aversion to dealing with the Google Publishing login process each day and digging through data to find the crucial metrics oftentimes left him uninformed.

“I’d have to force myself to remember to go see how we’re doing,” says Kirk. He continues, “Especially when we’re on all these other platforms, and we have all these other things to worry about, it’s not fun to have to log in to multiple interfaces to see how we’re doing.

App Annie Makes App Stats Easy

In addition to offering a comprehensive app store rankings to track trends across apps, platforms, and countries, we make it convenient for developers to keep track of their own apps. One way we do this is by sending daily email reports straight to your inbox.

For Kirk, a daily report with the key metrics means he no longer has to remember to search for data within multiple interfaces.

“App Annie basically takes all that pain away,” he says. A smartphone user himself, a quick glance at App Annie’s daily report on his phone makes it easy for him to stay on top of critical data.

Monitor Your App’s Downloads and Revenues

Having critical download data in the palm of his hand, every day, has helped Kirk and the rest of the Scan team to take immediate action when it counts.
For the most part, Kirk says, “I’ll look at the data and if it seems to be consistent with what we’ve done before, then that’s good to know. Just overall, that’s just good data to have.”

If there is a significant drop in downloads, which Kirk can see immediately from the App Annie daily report, he can then check store rankings right away or see if other apps in his space are having similar problems. Likewise, when downloads skyrocket, Kirk knows to look for the source and reach out for potential new business opportunities.

Kirk reminisces fondly when he opened his daily email report from App Annie and saw a 19,225% increase in downloads from the week before. Immediately he searched online and found that Scan had been featured on the Google Play Homepage, leading to the surge in downloads.

scan app store featured

It can be cumbersome to retrieve this app store data yourself

Daily Email Reports for Everyone

All it takes is two steps for you to be as informed as Kirk!
First, sign up for an Analytics account. Our fastest sign-up ever was 5.9 seconds! Can you beat that App Annie record?

Second, connect a publisher account by clicking on the “Account” button on the top right.

app annie account connect

Connect your publisher accounts in the Account screen

That’s it! You’ll receive the daily alerts automatically.

If you’re an existing user and you’re not getting your daily email reports – don’t panic! Calmly make your way to your Account settings, then check the “Receive daily email report” box and wait patiently for it to show up in your inbox.

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