App Annie’s Daily Report Arrives in Your Inbox!

App Annie users should notice something new arriving in their inboxes starting this morning: App Annie’s Daily Report.

The daily report has a summary that shows:

  • How much revenue was generated and downloads made from the previous day.
  • How much those figures have changed from the same day last week.
  • If any app is listed in the app store rankings (top 200).
  • If any app is featured on the app store.
  • If any app has been pulled from the app store.

App-specific data is also presented for each of your active apps:

  • The latest ranks in all categories for your preferred store.
  • New reviews since yesterday, with their average rating and the first 20 listed.

In case you’d rather not receive this email, you can configure your email preferences at the Account Settings page.

The daily report is something that our users have requested since App Annie launched, and it’s something we have spent a lot of time thinking about and polishing. We will continue to improve this report in the future, and as always welcome feedback and suggestions from our users!


  • Milos Milenkovic

    I just subscribed to the daily report and it looks great. I was wondering if it is possible to get it as an attachment. A csv or txt file, like the one you get when you export the data from the website. Thanks!

  • Meowen Development

    Hi, I am an existing subscriber and I think this daily report is really good. However is it possible to have the option to have it on a quarterly or monthly basis? daily tracking is abit too granular for me and as a financial app, having monthly or quarterly tracking makes more business sense.

    • Christopher Bral

      We don’t currently offer quarterly or monthly email reports, but I’ll forward your feedback along to our Product team! In the meantime, you can get these breakdowns via your Analytics dashboard by changing the timeframe. You can try this on your own dashboard or via our demo here:

      In the link above, I navigated to the Download tab and picked “Last 30 Days” in the upper-right Date Range box. You can also specify your own custom date range for longer/shorter analysis. I can also do the same for the Revenue tab.

      I know this isn’t an automated solution, but if you bookmark your Analytics dashboard it should be super quick. If you’re worried about seeing this data away from your laptop (on a cell phone or tablet, for example), you can do this same Date Range customization via our iOS or Android Analytics apps:

  • abernardin

    I love reports! I’m particularly interested in some of the other metrics, however. Being able to indicate which metrics get reported on would be lovely.

  • Konstantin Koval

    I would love to share email report with other people, the same as I share apps

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