App Annie Index: Japan Overtakes U.S. For Google Play Revenues

Highlights from this month’s Index

iOS monthly revenues 4x those of Google Play, but Google Play growing?

The gap between monthly global revenues on iOS and Google Play is significant, but it’s gradually closing. Although iOS monthly revenues are four times larger than its counterpart, Google Play October revenues are 17.9% greater than those of September while iOS October revenues are 0.7% lower than its September revenues.

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Japan ousts US for top spot in Google Play monthly revenues

Japan overtakes the US in Google Play monthly revenue, marking the first time that the US is not the number one country for monthly revenues on Google Play.

East Asian publishers beginning to dominate

The app publishing business is by its very nature a global business, but there has long been an East-West divide. Well, that barrier is coming down. Indeed in recent months, we’re starting to see more East Asian publishers invest in global content with significant commercial success. For October 2012, seven of the Top 10 publishers on Google Play by monthly revenue, are Japanese or Korean.

Game publishers monetize best on app stores

Game publishers from West and East are leading the way in monetization across the app stores. In October 2012, nine of the top 10 publishers by monthly revenue on both iOS and Google Play are game publishers.

The few outperform the many

If you’re on the lookout for the next Rovio, then the present month may be a good time to read this report. App publishers such as Supercell, NextFloor and Applibot are monetizing their users at an astounding rate on the back of a couple of apps. And no wonder you’ll find their apps at the top of the ‘App monthly Revenue Top 10’ charts.

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You can download the App Annie Index Nov 2012 full report (16 page PDF, 6.8 MB) here.


  • Jeff Widderich

    Great Service. Great information. Not enough praise goes out towards App Annie’s effort. Thanks for keeping developers in the know.

  • Niraj Om

    Excellent service. Essential for my work as App Developer.

  • Nik Rolls

    Nice reports, but why only Play and iOS? Do you plan to include Windows Store in the future?

    • App Annie

      The report is based on App Annie data and we currently only collect data for the market-leading stores, iOS and Google Play. Should that change, we may start reporting on Windows Store.

  • David Phan

    Thank you for sharing this report for free and not charging us some ridiculous price (like some other analytics sites). Please keep it up!

  • Andy Dunn

    Very interesting report. Always good to get some more inside information about the nature of the app stores.

  • 1huckabuck

    I am such an Android nuthugger. Its good news Google is winning in other countries. Empirical aspirations require you to set up and have flourishing colonies overseas.

  • Viswanath Sai

    Google’s android is the best one which is compatible with most of the apps, Though the iPhone is in the lead which has 4 times the revenue of the Google play, Android apps may reach to the peak than iPhone.

  • Soo Min (Simon) Shim

    Could you share us with detailed data spreadsheet(Excel form)? I want to know more~!! ^^

    • App Annie

      Happy you are as excited about data as we are :) We’ve received lots of similar feedback and we’ll consider it for the next report. If you’d like to get the original data then you’ll want to check out App Annie Intelligence

  • Zoe Hida

    Thanks for the global perspective.

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