App Annie Index: Games – Temple Run 2, Puzzle & Dragons Dominate the Charts

Adventurous Downloads and Puzzling Revenues: Temple Run 2 and Puzzle & Dragons top the charts

With Game Developers Conference 2013 just on the horizon, we want to bring you the hottest mobile gaming properties of the past month across both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Starting this month, we are now splitting up the App Annie Index into two parts: a Games Index and an Apps Index (i.e. everything but games). This will provide you with more focused insight into the different publishers and apps that are leading the app stores today.

A tale of two extremely successful game publishers

Standout games in February 2013 included endless running game Temple Run 2 and the puzzle role-playing game Puzzle & Dragons:

  • Temple Run 2 was released in the latter half of January, but already has become the top-downloaded game across both the iOS App Store and Google Play as of February.  This also landed its creator, Imangi Studios, the first and second publisher ranking spots by game downloads in Google Play and iOS App Store, respectively.

  • Meanwhile, smash hit Puzzle & Dragons continued to top the revenue rankings across both iOS App Store and Google Play in February, as it did the previous month, thanks to its incredible success in Japan.  This has pushed its publisher GungHo Online Entertainment up to the first spot in Google Play and the second in the iOS App Store based on game revenue.

A new page in gaming trends? Games that make you think, games that make you swipe

A few years ago, the top charts on Facebook, iOS, mixi and Tencent were largely resource management games. From managing farms to running cafes, a whole host of these games from hundreds of top publishers dominated casual gaming East and West. Fast forward to 2013, and the last few months (particularly this month’s) tell a story of a new page in casual gaming on mobile (if you can still call it casual).

The category definitions on iOS and Google Play don’t match up 100% (they cross like a Venn diagram across categories). However, even at the top end of the stores, some trends are beginning to emerge and it’s definitely trending towards midcore games that either make you think or involve a fair amount of dexterity.

In the “make you think” category, the games topping the charts include strategy games like Clash of Clans (Supercell) and Kingdoms of Camelot (Kabam), brain / puzzle / word games like Candy Crush Saga (, Puzzle & Dragons (GungHo Online) and LINE POP (NHN). In the “make you move” category, we have many more twitch-based games such as Temple Run 2 (Imangi Studios), Subway Surfers (Kiloo) and Angry Birds (Rovio) which you would find in the Adventure, Arcade and Action categories.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game DownloadsiOS February 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 Electronic Arts 2 USA 972
2 Imangi Studios USA 16
3 Disney 2 USA 243
4 LOTUM New Germany 8
5 3 UK 3
6 Rovio 5 Finland 30
7 Gameloft 3 France 263
8 Storm8 2 USA 47
9 NHN 2 South Korea 183
10 Chair 361 USA 3
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Electronic Arts moved up two places to regain the top spot in February 2013. Meanwhile, Disney moved up to become the third-most downloaded publisher based on games. continued its rise, climbing three places to take fifth place.

German publisher LOTUM GmbH entered the rankings for the first time, coming in at number 4. The company’s new word-guessing game, 4 Pics 1 Word, proved to be a hit with versions available across many languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian (and subsequently Italian, launched in March).

Chair Entertainment shot up to number 10, driven by its action role-playing game Infinity Blade.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game DownloadsGoogle Play February 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 Imangi Studios 3 USA 2
2 Rovio 1 Finland 13
3 Italy Games 5 Italy 10
4 Halfbrick Studios 2 Australia 7
5 Gameloft 6 France 66
6 NHN 3 South Korea 185
7 Kiloo 2 Denmark 2
8 WeMade 21 South Korea 13
9 Disney 2 USA 32
10 Storm8 6 USA 11
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Imangi Studios came in first this month, thanks to the success of Temple Run 2. The publisher occupied the #1 and #2 rankings on Google Play and iOS, respectively, as its game has been popular across both platforms. Italy Games moved up five spots to enter the top three, driven by the success of Zombie Smasher. A few other companies entered the Top 10 this month, including Gameloft, which moved up six places to take the number five rank. South Korea’s WeMade Entertainment experienced the largest boost, moving to number eight after ranking #29 in January.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game RevenueiOS February 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 Supercell 1 Finland 2
2 GungHo Online 1 Japan 8
3 Electronic Arts USA 972
4 1 UK 3
5 GREE 1 Japan 108
6 Gameloft 2 France 263
7 Kabam USA 8
8 Storm8 1 USA 47
9 Zynga 1 USA 60
10 DeNA 3 Japan 135
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Supercell moved back into the top spot globally this month with the combined strength of its two apps, Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Electronic Arts held fast at third place and GREE moved up a spot to take the number 5 ranking. DeNA entered the top 10 after ranking number 13 in January 2013.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game RevenueGoogle Play February 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 GungHo Online Japan 9
2 CJ E&M 3 South Korea 22
3 WeMade 12 South Korea 13
4 NHN 2 South Korea 185
5 DeNA 2 Japan 186
6 Com2uS South Korea 89
7 4:33 13 South Korea 10
8 Actoz Soft South Korea 4
9 COLOPL 2 Japan 53
10 GREE 6 Japan 124
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

South Korean and Japanese publishers swept this month’s rankings. South Korean publishers WeMade Entertainment and 4:33 were the fast movers, rising up to the third and seventh spots, respectively.

South Korea, home to Samsung, is a unique country in that its consumers gravitate much more towards Google Play than the iOS App Store. Meanwhile, Japanese consumers actively use both app stores. Not surprisingly, the publishers who succeeded in making the top 10 across both app stores were all headquartered in Japan: GungHo, GREE, and DeNA.

GungHo Online’s commercial success on the app stores has not gone unnoticed. On March 25, 2013, Japanese telecommunications firm SoftBank Mobile announced that it plans to increase its stake in GungHo from 33.6% to 58.5% in April. GungHo Online will then become a subsidiary of SoftBank Mobile. As mentioned in App Annie’s World Series of Apps: Japan report, Softbank Mobile is the third largest mobile network operator in Japan, after NTT DoCoMo and KDDI.


Top Game Apps by Monthly DownloadsiOS February 2013

Game Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Publisher Headquarters Game
1 Temple Run 2 Imangi Studios USA Adventure,
2 Candy Crush Saga ® 2 UK Puzzle,
3 4 Pics 1 Word New LOTUM Germany Word, Trivia
4 Infinity Blade 836 Chair USA Adventure,
5 Subway Surfers 2 Kiloo Denmark Arcade,
6 What’s the Word?… 12 RedSpell USA Puzzle, Word
7 Clash of Clans 4 Supercell Finland Strategy,
8 Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD 1294 FISHLABS Germany Role Playing,
9 Find Something… 21 Funship China Adventure,
10 Plants vs. Zombies 428 Electronic Arts USA Strategy,
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

This month’s iOS game downloads were largely driven by Adventure, Action, and Puzzle games. Temple Run 2 kept its top spot, which it already attained in the previous month.

Supercell’s Clash of Clans, which has long enjoyed success in revenues, entered the Top 10 based on downloads this month. The game moved up 4 spots to take the #7 ranking.

LOTUM GmbH’s 4 Pics 1 Word game and RedSpell’s What’s the Word? game both entered the Top 10 this month. The two games are quite similar and it will be interesting to see how the two companies differentiate the products over the coming months and if they incorporate more social features.

4 Pics 1 Word debuts in top three upon launching versions in multiple languages

Funship’s Find Something is the only game in this list from an Asian publisher. Driven by its popularity in China, it took the number nine spot this month, after finishing number 30 in January’s Index. The hidden object game distinguishes itself through its distinct graphics, storyline, and stage-based game play.

Additionally, three apps that had been released over a year ago vaulted into the top 10 in February 2013, coinciding with price changes and iTunes home page promotions. Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade, released December 2010, made its game free on Valentine’s Day and was featured on the iTunes home page across numerous countries for one week. It saw a spike in its rankings during that time, as shown in the App Annie Store Stats chart below.

Source: App Annie Store Stats


Similarly, Fishlab’s Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, initially released October 2011, became a free app on February 7 and was featured on the iTunes home page around the world for one week. Its rankings jumped during this time as well

Source: App Annie Store Stats


Finally, EA’s Plants vs. Zombies, launched February 2010, also became a free game on February 21 and was featured for one week on the iTunes home page across numerous countries.

Source: App Annie Store Stats


Top Game Apps by Monthly DownloadsGoogle Play February 2013

Game Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Publisher Headquarters Game
1 Temple Run 2 35 Imangi Studios USA Arcade
2 Subway Surfers 1 Kiloo Denmark Arcade
3 Fruit Ninja Free 1 Halfbrick Studios Australia Arcade
4 Zombie Smasher 383 Italy Games Italy Arcade
5 윈드러너 (Windrunner) for Kakao 417 WeMade South Korea Arcade
6 Pou 2 Zakeh Lebanon Casual
7 Angry Birds 4 Rovio Finland Arcade
8 Candy Crush Saga 2 UK Casual
9 Hill Climb Racing 4 Fingersoft Finland Racing
10 The Simpsons™: Tapped Out New Electronic Arts USA Casual
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

This month’s top 10 was dominated by a variety of Arcade games. At the top of both the iOS App Store and Google Play was Imangi Studio’s Temple Run 2, which in Google Play rose 35 spots this month after having been released on January 24, 2013. The other games that made it into the top 10 in both the iOS App Store and Google Play were Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers.

Temple Run 2 dashed to the top of the download charts for both iOS and Google Play

Italy Games’ Zombie Smasher and WeMade’s Windrunner (윈드러너) both experienced large jumps to take the number 4 and number 5 rankings, respectively. Both apps were released in late January and were at the top of the charts throughout February.

Electronic Arts already had launched The Simpsons: Tapped Out in the iOS App Store a year ago. On February 7, EA successfully brought this simulation game over to Google Play and promptly landed in the top 10.


Top Game Apps by Monthly RevenueiOS February 2013

Game Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Publisher Headquarters Game
1 Puzzle & Dragons GungHo Online Japan Puzzle,
Role Playing
2 Clash of Clans Supercell Finland Strategy,
3 Candy Crush Saga ® UK Puzzle,
4 Hay Day Supercell Finland Family,
5 The Simpsons™: Tapped… Electronic Arts USA Simulation,
6 Minecraft – Pocket Edition Mojang Sweden Simulation,
7 Kingdoms of Camelot… 1 Kabam USA Strategy,
8 The Hobbit: Kingdoms… 2 Kabam USA Strategy,
9 CSR Racing 2 NaturalMotion UK Racing, Arcade
10 Slotomania – Slot Machines 1 Playtika Israel Casino, Card
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

February was an exceptionally stable month with no change in the top six apps. Puzzle & Dragons continued to lead the charts, as it did the previous month. Kabam’s two hits, Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North and The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth, moved up to take the #7 and #8 rankings.


Top Game Apps by Monthly RevenueGoogle Play February 2013

Game Rank Change
vs Jan-2013
Publisher Headquarters Game
1 Puzzle & Dragons(パズ…) GungHo Online Japan Brain
2 다함께 차차차 (Everybody
Cha Cha Cha) for Kakao
CJ E&M South Korea Casual
3 윈드러너 (Windrunner) for Kakao 559 WeMade South Korea Arcade
4 활 (Bow) for Kakao 9 4:33 South Korea Arcade
5 밀리언아서 (Million Arthur) Actoz Soft South Korea Arcade
6 Candy Crush Saga 4 UK Casual
7 LINE POP 4 NHN South Korea Brain
8 히어로즈워 (Heroes War) for Kakao New Com2uS South Korea Arcade
9 Blood Brothers (RPG) 2 DeNA Japan Arcade
10 Anipang for Kakao 6 SUNDAYTOZ South Korea Brain
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Puzzle & Dragons remained the top-grossing app across both the iOS App Store and Google Play in February 2013, as in the previous month.

The Kakao platform continued its success in South Korea, boasting five of the ten games in this list. CJ E&M’s popular car-crashing game, 다함께 차차차 (Everybody Cha Cha Cha) for Kakao, held steady at #2. WeMade’s 윈드러너 (Windrunner) for Kakao, which was launched January 28, moved up quickly to take the #3 ranking. 히어로즈워 (Heroes War) for Kakao by Com2uS debuted at number eight. Com2uS explained to App Annie:

“We’ve managed to design and engineer the success of ‘히어로즈워 (Heroes War) for Kakao’ on Google Play through a few strategies. First and foremost, we wanted to make a game that catered well to hardcore RPG gamers who have been used to playing online web games, but are now shifting to mobile.

Second, in terms of game design and content strategy, we really took seriously all customer feedback down to the finest detail. And then finally, we centered our distribution strategy around the Kakao platform, which allowed us to not only acquire a large proportion of the Korean hardcore gamers, but also attract a large casual user base.”

히어로즈워 for Kakao from Com2uS debuted in top 10’s Candy Crush Saga was the only Western-produced title in the Top 10.

For those of you who also are looking forward to an update on apps other than games, stay tuned!
We’ll be publishing the App Annie Index: Apps report later this week.



  • Starting this month, we have split up the App Annie Index into two parts:  a Games Index and an Apps Index (i.e. everything but games).  This will provide you with more focused insight into the different publishers and apps that are leading the app stores today.  Please note that previously, we were reporting one set of Top Publishers rankings based on each publisher’s total downloads and revenue across all apps combined.  With this new App Annie Index structure, we are now reporting two sets of Top Publishers rankings: one based on Games downloads and revenue and another based on Non-Games downloads and revenue.

  • In the iOS App Store, an app can be categorized under a Primary Category as well as an optional Secondary Category.  If an app has a Primary Category of Games and a Secondary Category of Entertainment, it will be a candidate to be included in this Games Index.  If the app’s Primary Category is Entertainment and its Secondary Category is Games, then it will not be included in this Games Index; it will be a candidate for the Apps Index, which will focus on non-games and be published later this week.

  • Note that the ranking approach used in the App Annie Index differs from that used in the iOS App Store.  In the latter, app rankings for a given category will include all apps whose Primary Category or Secondary Category matches that given category.  So an app can appear in the rankings for more than one category within the iOS App Store or in App Annie Store Stats rankings.

  • In Google Play, an app can be categorized under only one category, so there is no double-categorization.

  • Occasionally, a publisher may decide to shift an existing app from one category to another category.  In these cases, the App Annie Index will rank that app based on its categorization in the subsequent month.  Given that the App Annie Index now has a Games report and an Apps report, the only scenario where an app’s recategorization could shift it from one Index to another is if its category changes from Games to a non-games category or vice versa.

  • All publishers have been grouped together under their parent publishers, where available.  For example, the publisher NAVER Japan is included under NHN.

  • Any non-App Annie trademarks or images used in this report are the property of their respective owners.  App Annie claims no rights in those trademarks.


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