App Annie Index: Games – Candy Crush Now Also A Sweet Revenue Saga

Already the most downloaded game of April on iOS and Google Play, Candy Crush Saga became the top grossing iOS game of May

  The App Annie Games Index brings you the hottest mobile gaming properties across both the iOS App Store and Google Play. To find out what’s happening with apps outside of games, please check out our Apps Index. Candy Crush Saga had an impressive May, ranking #1 in iOS App Store game downloads, iOS game revenue, and Google Play game downloads in May 2013. Puzzle & Dragons continued to lead in Google Play game revenue. Action and Arcade games were common among the top ten downloaded games in the iOS App Store and Google Play in May. For revenue, Role Playing games were well-represented in the top ten for the iOS App Store, and Brain & Puzzle games appeared the most on the top ten list for Google Play. Movie tie-in games also performed well, with Fast & Furious 6: The Game and Iron Man 3 – The Official Game both succeeding in generating downloads; well-known brands continued to find their way into the top ten game ranks. In the land of publishers, Electronic Arts and Rovio benefited from new apps, including sequels to popular franchises TETRIS and Angry Birds. GungHo Online and Supercell continued to be dominant players on the revenue front.

  Top Publishers by Monthly Game DownloadsiOS May 2013

Publisher Rank Change vs April 2013 Headquarters Total Apps (incl. non-games)
1 Electronic Arts United States 829
2 Gameloft 2 France 258
3 Rovio 3 Finland 30
4 King 1 United Kingdom 3
5 Zynga 10 United States 66
6 Storm8 6 United States 36
7 Ninjafish Studios 5 United States 39
8 Orangenose Studios 1 Taiwan 8
9 George CL 79 Australia 118
10 Kabam 128 United States 11
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

May 2013 was the fourth month in a row in which Electronic Arts led in iOS game downloads. EA’s achievement this month was partially due to recent success stories Tetris Blitz, Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops, and Snoopy Coasts, and the continued performance of Real Racing 3. Gameloft rose a couple spots to claim the #2 spot on the list, with Iron Man 3 and Asphalt 7: Heat doing the heavy lifting. Rovio soared to #3 from the combined efforts of Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Space.

There were a handful of publishers who moved into the top ten this month:

  • Kabam raced into the top 10, moving up 128 spots on account of Fast & Furious 6: The Game.
  • Australian publisher George CL, which specializes in children’s games, reached #9 with a strong performance by Little Dentist.
  • Storm8 moved up six spots to reach #6 in May, with Fruit Mania leading the way.
  • Zynga re-entered the top ten, driven by the recent launches of Running With Friends and Draw Something 2.
  • King remained among the top 5 for the fourth consecutive month. Previously, it had two games in both iOS and Google Play: match-three puzzle games Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga. In mid-June, King officially launched a third game, the tile-matching puzzle game Pet Rescue Saga; however, we saw that this game was soft launched a month earlier in Canada and Sweden.

Top Publishers by Monthly Game DownloadsGoogle Play May 2013

Publisher Rank Change vs April 2013 Headquarters Total Apps (incl. non-games)
1 Rovio Finland 15
2 Electronic Arts United States 121
3 King 2 United Kingdom 2
4 Imangi Studios 1 United States 2
5 ZeptoLab 6 United Kingdom 10
6 Halfbrick Studios Australia 7
7 Gameloft 3 France 71
8 Pie Labs 1000+ Russia 6
9 Kiloo Denmark 2
10 Fingersoft 3 Finland 9
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Rovio and Electronic Arts were ahead of the flock in Google Play game downloads again in the month of May. Recently, the two publishers successfully launched titles across both platforms. Rovio added a new iteration to the popular Angry Birds franchise with Angry Birds Friends, and EA’s Tetris Blitz was also a hit on Google Play. Electronic Arts has a diverse lineup and also had other titles contributing on Google Play, including Real Racing 3, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Bejeweled Blitz, Monopoly Hotels, TETRIS, and Catapult King.

Additionally, there were two publishers who moved up into the top ten:

  • ZeptoLab released another Cut the Rope sequel called Cut the Rope: Time Travel and moved up six spots to #5. Meanwhile, the original Cut the Rope is still performing well.
  • Pie Labs was a new leader in the Google Play market. The publisher released its first app in April and already made the top ten for May. Its iPhone Lock Screen Theme was one of the most downloaded titles in May, and its Fingerprint Screen Lock app was also popular.

Top Publishers by Monthly Game RevenueiOS May 2013

Publisher Rank Change vs April 2013 Headquarters Total Apps (incl. non-games)
1 Supercell Finland 2
2 GungHo Online Japan 11
3 King United Kingdom 3
4 Electronic Arts United States 829
5 GREE Japan 121
6 Kabam United States 11
7 Storm8 1 United States 36
8 Gameloft 1 France 258
9 DeNA 2 Japan 141
10 LINE 2 Japan 89
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

These rankings were relatively stable from April to May. Supercell (Clash of Clans, Hay Day) and GungHo Online (Puzzle & Dragons) had their prize fighters keep them atop the chart for another month. LINE rose up two spots to enter the top 10, with the LINE WIND runner game leading the way.

  Top Publishers by Monthly Game RevenueGoogle Play May 2013

Publisher Rank Change vs April 2013 Headquarters Total Apps (incl. non-games)
1 GungHo Online Japan 11
2 CJ E&M 1 South Korea 29
3 LINE 1 Japan 79
4 DeNA 1 Japan 198
5 WeMade 3 South Korea 21
6 COLOPL 1 Japan 81
7 GREE 1 Japan 139
8 King 1 United Kingdom 2
9 Electronic Arts 1 United States 121
10 Devsisters 3 South Korea 1
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Google Play continued to see the trend of Japanese and South Korean publishers dominating the top 10 rankings by revenue. UK-based King and US-based Electronic Arts remained the two publishers who bucked that trend. Devsisters, the one new publisher in the top 10 in May, impressed by making the top ten based on a single app that has been popular in South Korea, 쿠키런 (Cookie Run) for Kakao. CJ E&M has also been doing well with Kakao; its top five apps were all designed for the Korean social networking platform. COLOPL moved up one spot in the the top ten and commented to App Annie on its strong performance with Google Play games. “We are very pleased to have maintained our high ranking as a Google Play top grossing publisher,” said Naruatsu Baba, CEO of COLOPL. “In particular, our new title ‘Quiz RPG’ released in March has already achieved two million downloads in three months since its launch, and we feel that this title is becoming one of COLOPL’s smash hit titles. Treasure Detective and Pro Baseball PRIDE have also performed solidly for over a year since their launch. Through a series of updates, renewals, recognition of the user’s voice and holding regular events, we have stepped up the ‘game’ so that players can continue to enjoy playing for long time. Success can in large part be attributed to finely-tuned operations for not only new games but existing games. We will continue to strive towards creating fun and creative games not just in Japan but for all over the world.”

  Top Game Apps by Monthly DownloadsiOS May 2013

Game Rank Change vs April 2013 Publisher Headquarters Game Subcateogry
1 Candy Crush Saga ® King United Kingdom Arcade, Puzzle
2 Fast & Furious 6: The Game N/A* Kabam United States Action, Racing
3 Iron Man 3 – The Official Game 4 Gameloft France Action, Arcade
4 Hardest Game Ever 2 1 Orangenose Studios Taiwan Action, Arcade
5 Angry Birds Friends N/A* Rovio Finland Arcade, Kids
6 Tetris® Blitz N/A* Electronic Arts United States Puzzle
7 FallDown! 2 1000+ Hannes Jensen Sweden Action, Arcade
8 Little Dentist – kids games N/A* George CL Australia Family, Kids
9 Fruit Mania™ 50 Storm8 United States Arcade, Puzzle
10 Running with Friends 438 Zynga United States Action, Adventure
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

*The following games were released in May 2013, so there are no rank changes vs. April 2013: Fast & Furious 6: The Game, Angry Birds Friends, Tetris Blitz, Little Dentist.

  There were a lot of new entries to the top ten iOS App Store game downloads in May, but Candy Crush Saga showed no signs of slowing down, again leading in iOS downloads. King released a new version of the app on May 3, which increased the number of levels in the game to 365. Fast & Furious 6 and Iron Man 3 rounded out the top three. Both apps shared similar release strategies: a well-established blockbuster franchise conducted a freemium game release prior to the theatrical film release. Fast & Furious 6: The Game also licensed real cars, and included character likenesses from the film. Both games had built-in fan bases from previous films; these two films even set records with their weekend openings and were the two highest grossing films of 2013 worldwide as of June 24 . Hardest Game Ever 2 performed well in the United States and moved into fourth place for iOS App Store game downloads.   Other big movers this month:

  • Rovio struck gold with another successful title in the Angry Birds library with Angry Birds Friends. This game allowed users to enter in tournaments and challenge their Facebook friends in the land of Angry Birds.
  • Tetris Blitz added a free option to the Tetris offerings and a new wrinkle by focusing on how many levels can be cleared within a two-minute time limit.
  • Little Dentist started strong this month as the top-downloaded new game for May, providing users with an outlet to live out their Little Shop of Horrors dentist fantasies.
  • Fruit Mania leapt up 50 spots by significantly improving its rank in several markets.
  • Running with Friends helped push Zynga back into the top ten publishers in May by taking the natural step of setting an endless running game in Pamplona, Spain for The Running of the Bulls.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game, inspired by the Vin Diesel vehicle

Top Game Apps by Monthly DownloadsGoogle Play May 2013

Game Rank Change vs April 2013 Publisher Headquarters Game Subcategory
1 Candy Crush Saga King United Kingdom Casual
2 Subway Surfers Kiloo Denmark Arcade & Action
3 Temple Run 2 Imangi Studios United States Arcade & Action
4 Fruit Ninja Free 1 Halfbrick Studios Australia Arcade & Action
5 Pou 4 Zakeh Lebanon Casual
6 Cut the Rope: Time Travel 16 ZeptoLab United Kingdom Brain & Puzzle
7 Hill Climb Racing Fingersoft Finland Racing
8 iPhone lock Screen Theme 1000+ Pie Labs Russia Casual
9 Angry Birds 3 Rovio Finland Arcade & Action
10 Angry Birds Friends N/A* Rovio Finland Arcade & Action
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

*Angry Birds Friends was released in May 2013, so there are no rank changes vs April 2013.

Candy Crush Saga was the top downloaded game for iOS and Google Play in May, which helped King remain one of the top five publishers in each platform. Cut the Rope: Time Travel introduced a new level of complexity to the series. The introduction of time travel to the plot meant that there were two cuddly Om Nom critters to feed candy to feed in order to solve each puzzle instead of a single creature. That helped to increase the scope of puzzles available in the game. Pie Labs had a lot of success in May due to iPhone lock Screen Theme, which has some fun with the idea of customizable backgrounds. Rovio had two Angry Birds titles in the top ten this month, an impressive feat. Both games put up high rankings in several markets in May.

Angry Birds Friends reached the top ten in its first month

Top Game Apps by Monthly RevenueiOS May 2013

Game Rank Change vs April 2013 Publisher Headquarters Game Subcategory
1 Candy Crush Saga ® 2 King United Kingdom Arcade, Puzzle
2 Puzzle & Dragons 1 GungHo Online Japan Puzzle, Role Playing
3 Clash of Clans 1 Supercell Finland Action, Strategy
4 Hay Day Supercell Finland Family, Simulation
5 The Simpsons™: Tapped Out Electronic Arts United States Adventure, Simulation
6 Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 Warner Bros. United States Action, Card
7 Megapolis 5 Social Quantum Russia Simulation, Strategy
8 The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth 2 Kabam United States Simulation, Strategy
9 Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North 3 Kabam United States Simulation, Strategy
10 Real Racing 3 3 Electronic Arts United States Action, Racing
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

In May, the Simulation and Strategy subcategories placed the most titles in the top ten for iOS App Store revenue. Candy Crush Saga rose to the top revenue spot for the first time this year. Consistently strong performers Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans rounded out the top three. Supercell continued to do well with Clash of Clans and Hay Day remaining in the top five. Megapolis and Real Racing 3 were the two new additions to the list in May. Megapolis, a city-building game, showed impressive growth in the United Kingdom.

Megapolis reached the top ten in iOS revenue
  Top Game Apps by Monthly Revenue Google Play May 2013

Game Rank Change vs April 2013 Publisher Headquarters Subcategory
1 パズル&ドラゴンズ (Puzzle & Dragons) GungHo Online Japan Brain & Puzzle
2 Candy Crush Saga 1 King United Kingdom Casual
3 쿠키런 (Cookie Run) for Kakao 3 Devsisters South Korea Casual
4 마구마구 (Fives) 2013 for Kakao 7 CJ E&M South Korea Sports Games
5 윈드러너 (Windrunner) for Kakao 3 WeMade South Korea Arcade & Action
6 다함께 차차차 (Everybody Cha Cha Cha) for Kakao 2 CJ E&M South Korea Casual
7 LINE WIND runner 13 LINE Japan Arcade & Action
8 Anipang for Kakao 9 SUNDAYTOZ South Korea Brain & Puzzle
9 헬로히어로 (Hello Hello) for Kakao 2 Fincon South Korea Casual
10 다함께 퐁퐁퐁 (Together pong pong pong) for Kakao 15 CJ E&M South Korea Casual
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

Japan and South Korea continued to display a dominating Google Play revenue presence; nine of the top ten Google Play revenue titles in May belonged to publishers from one of these two nations. Kakao remained an incredibly successful distribution platform in South Korea, with seven apps designed for the social networking platform placing within the top ten for Google Play Revenue. In May, Anipang for Kakao, a match-three puzzle game, moved up nine spots to re-enter the top ten. Also entering the top ten this month were: baseball-themed Fives 2013 for Kakao, LINE WIND runner, and Together pong pong pong for Kakao. The Kakao influx also led to an increase in the number of Casual subcategory titles ranking in the top ten. Puzzle & Dragons led again in Google Play revenue. Puzzle & Dragons has already been downloaded over 13 million times, and GungHo Online is currently working on expanding into the European market. May was a good month for King. Candy Crush Saga moved up one spot into second place. This meant that the game was #1 in three Top Games tables, and #2 in the fourth (i.e. Google Play revenue).  

LINE WIND runner dashed up 13 spots to #7
  For those of you who also are looking for an update on apps other than games, please check out the Apps Index.

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