App Annie & IDC Portable Gaming Report Q2 2013: iOS & Google Play Game Revenue 4x Higher Than Gaming-Optimized Handhelds

Gaming-optimized handheld game spending continues to decline, with Google Play exceeding handheld revenues for the first time.


In partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC), today we are announcing the release of the third edition of the ongoing quarterly App Annie & IDC Portable Gaming Report.

In this Q2 2013 report, we offer insights into the continued shift of consumer spending from gaming-optimized handhelds to mobile devices. We’ve charted the changes seen in smartphone market share, as well as the overall performance of downloads and consumer spending on mobile devices.

Also included is an overview of the status of handheld gaming packaged software sales and a regional breakdown of consumer spending across mobile and dedicated gaming handhelds.


Here are 3 of the 6 key takeaways from the Q2 2013 Portable Gaming Report (download our report below for the rest!):

  • Google Play game spending surpassed that of gaming-optimized handhelds in 2Q13.

  • Consumer spending on games for iOS App Store & Google Play combined rose to 4x that of gaming-optimized handhelds.

  • Google Play game revenue continued to come mostly from the Asia- Pacific, especially Japan & South Korea



To gain more insights into Q2 2013 trends for the global app marketplace and gaming-optimized handheld devices, download and view the full report.

Click HERE to Download the App Annie & IDC Portable Gaming Report Q2 2013 Presentation



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